Backpack Purse | Spring Backpack Purses with Pizzazz

Spring Backpack Purses with Pizzazz


A backpack purse is a great accessory for warmer weather.  They will carry a variety of items and allow you to keep your hands free.  Another style of backpack purse is the sling backpack purse it is usually designed to be worn over one shoulder, but some will fit on both.  Several models also have a top handle for an additional way to carry them.

 They are great in warmer weather and with built-in pockets can hold different items separate from each other.  They work great for holding:

  •     Water bottles
  •     Lunch
  •     Books
  •     Light Jacket
  •     Digital Camera
  •     Bible
  •     Netbook
  •     Money
  •     Concert Tickets
  •     Resume


Just a short list, but the versatility comes through.

 Backpack purses come in multiple fabrics and materials.  Sassy spring colors in nylon and waterproof materials lead the way, with pastels and bright colors emphasizing style and pizzazz.  A red purse speaks of boldness. A brown leather purse is a utilitarian work horse and a black purse speaks sophistication and class. They are available from web retailers as well as brick and mortar establishments.

 Leather backpack purses are more serious bags and are perfect for business engagements and are large enough to double as place to keep your lunch and the work you took home last night.  Available in rich browns as well as basic black, there is a leather style and color to complement any business position.  Again many web dealers provide an easy way to browse purses that will fit your need.