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Backpack Purses

Purses have been a necessary accessory for women for a long time. They range from small clutch purses that hold barely more than a little bit of money and a set of keys to much larger ones that hold virtually everything including the kitchen sink.

 Protect your BackPack Purse

No matter what the size, the purse you buy is worth protecting so that it lasts a long time. The same is true of a backpack purse.  A designer backpack purse can be quite expensive and if taken care of will last a long time.  Reading the care instructions that came with the purchase is the first step in preserving your acquisition.  The correct cleaning methods and cleaning products will help solve any dirt or scuff marks that occur with use and age of your purse.  The wrong cleaning solvent and methods might make any soiling of your purse permanent and render it unsuitable for dress-up social occasions.


Leather fabricated backpack purses usually need special care in retaining their original luster and shine.  A good leather protectant or water-proofer will go a long way in keeping the leather looking new and unmarked.  Some leathers respond well to oil or other conditioners and regular use will keep the purse soft and supple. Again following the specific cleaning and care instructions that came with your purse is best.


Fabric or canvas backpack purses come in a variety of colors and may need caution in using protectants to help in repelling dirt and stains.  Care must be taken when some products to make sure that the material is color-fast and won’t run or be damaged from the application of the fabric protector.  A good waterproofer and some care will preserve the original condition for many seasons of use.

 High Tech

Many high tech protectants are available today and for a small additional cost can protect your fashion choice for a long time.  Whether it is a silicone based water proofing product or a wax based leather protector and conditioner there is no excuse for not protecting your purchase.