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This bag defines versatility in a small leather backpack purse. With a quick pull you can easily convert your backpack purse to a sling bag or a shoulder bag hobo. It is easy to get in and out of and an excellent every day bag and backpack leather purse.
A genuine leather purse backpack that can be worn in multiple ways. Carry it as a shoulder bag, a sling or a backpack handbag. A great bag for school, work and play, this backpack sling handbag is a must have accessory for every fashionista! A ladies leather backpack purse shows individuality as no two leather bags will ever look exactly alike, nor should they..
A fashion classic, this genuine leather purse backpack style handbag can be worn over one shoulder, or both, making it versatile and stylish. There are plenty of pockets to keep you organized and the main large compartment is accessed under the strap with another zipper pocket on the back.This is one backpack purse leather handbag you will wear for years to come!
A beautiful italian leather backpack purse that will look great for any occasion. Lightweight and supple this black leather backpack purse is a real eye-catcher.
This is a leather purse backpack style that can function strictly as a backpack or do double duty as a leather backpack purse.
One of the more elegant leather backpack purses on the page that is sturdy yet refined. Brown leather backpack purses match nearly any outfit and are a great addition to a Fall wardrobe.

A leather backpack purse is a great way to get organized. That organization is easy with a backpack purse because each has a large main inside compartment and usually one or two smaller exterior compartments. Large items fit inside and smaller items needed regularly fit on the outside. Better organization is a popular and necessary choice for many women and a leather backpack purse is a great way to find it.

Backpack purses for women come in many different styles and colors. As the selections on this page show there are as many choices as any woman could want. Backpack purses for women make a great gift for any woman, as well as being a useful handbag for anyone’s situation. Leather backpack purses fall under the genre of leather handbags and cover a wide range of styles from casual, everyday bags to high-end, expensive bags suitable for any formal occasion.

For a long-lasting, durable, backpack purse leather is the way to go. A black leather backpack purse will last through many seasons and if kept clean and treated with leather conditioner should have many years of serviceable life.  Now of course like anything else with wear and tear it may eventually be downgraded to an everyday common purse, but that shouldn’t be for quite a few years.

A leather backpack purse has the advantage of stronger construction that leather provides and the straps can be wider then some cloth models. Leather comes in many rich tones and can be purchased to match jackets and even boots completing an entire ensemble.

Leather also offers the advantage of better protecting your possessions from damage when they are carried inside or even in the various pockets built into the backpack purse.  Properly waterproofed the leather will shed water and provide a four-season bag that will serve all year round. Women’s leather backpack purses are a great choice for a year-round bag.

Leather backpack purses may be more expensive to purchase initially, but the longer life and stronger construction make up the difference. A leather convertible backpack is another bag of the same type with the emphasis more on the backpack and less on the purse. Leather handbags set the tone as the high-class choice for all women.