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Cheap Backpack Purse



If you are looking to buy cheap backpack purses the links below show three backpack purses that sell for $20 or less. Now a cheap backpack purse will not have all of the features of more expensive bags and probably won’t last as long as a more expensive bag.

Backpack Purses Under $20

Some of the cheaper bags available are made from leather and will look very nice. One downside to a cheaper backpack purse is that most of them are going to be smaller in size and not carry as much stuff. If the smaller size is not a problem for you then any of the bags on this page would be a great value and do the job very well.  All of these bags come from Amazon and as you are probably aware, orders over $25 ship for free. These bags all carry a warranty and would probably work well as an everyday bag to carry a few things,yet enjoy the advantage of a backpack purse by wearing it on your back, keeping your hands free to do other things.