Backpack Purse | Charge up your Backpack Purse

Charge up your Backpack Purse


Backpack purses have taken a turn for the unusual with two bags from Voltaic. As the name indicates there is something involving electricity with the two bags that fit into the backpack purse category.


The first model is called appropriately enough BACKPACK.  As you might guess this bag is the size of a large laptop (20” x 15”) and has a sleeve for the laptop in side.  But what sets these bags apart is the solar panels attached to the back of the bag and provides a  means for charging various electronic devices that you carry with you.  The solar panels have 4 watts of solar power and with 4-5 hours of charge time can charge your cell phone. There is also a battery pack which will store the power until you need it.  The storage is a 3,000mAh at 3.7 volts Li-Polymer battery pack to store solar power, which is comparable to most noteback batteries.

 The backpack is a  600D  fabric shell made from recycled PET (plastic bottles), UV resistant PU, 1680D nylon base, and sandwich mesh back for better air flow, inside pockets use PET mesh.  The shoulder straps have high-density padding for more comfort. Not only does it use the sun to charge your electronics it helps keep the environment clean by using recycled materials in its construction.

 The second bag is a smaller version of the first called the CONVERTER.  It is approximately two inches smaller in each direction, but still has the same amount of charging power as its bigger brother.  It has the same storage battery and they both include USB power cables and optional car charger and AC charger for charging while out of the sun.

 Voltaic included 10 standard adapters for connecting to various common cell phones and other small electronic devices. Another key feature that both packs have is wire channels throughout the bag for headphones and even a bladder tube for carrying water.

 Innovative Backpack Purses

All in all these backpack purses or more like bags are a really cool means for staying connected during daytrips, or biking trips.  They are an innovative way to harness the sun’s power to keep your electronics charged, while offering the versatility and style of  a cutting technology.