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Backpack handbags and purses are a great accessory to have for summer day trips and other excursions. Whether you all it a handbag or a purse they function the same and carry things for you. Day trips sometimes involve more planning and carrying more stuff along to be prepared for any circumstance. Fortunately backpack purses are constructed with plenty of room and many pockets and sleeves to hold just about anything you need for a one-day trip.

The large inner compartment is good for holding a light jacket or an extra pair of shoes or even a few books, if your day trip involves riding in transportation for part of the day. They are also roomy enough to keep a camera, cell phone and mp3 player safe and secure. Depending on what your outing all involves you may need several different backpack handbags to choose from. Sturdier, larger bags can be found made from stiff canvas and more like a backpack than a purse, or they may be more to the classier, stylish side and be made from fine leather and provide a serious, formal look.

Designers also get in to the mix with these purses and several well-known designers have fancy designer backpack purses as part of their lines. Prada is big on them and as you would expect a Prada purse will command a higher price than one from an average department store. Typically people buy Prada for the name and the presence it commands. Day trips with a larger bag probably don’t involve a need to show-off your fashion sense so getting by with a more functional than fashionable bag will work fine.

Look for a backpack handbag that has secure zippers to keep pockets closed and a large flap to cover the top and keep the inside dry and safe. Many different styles and price ranges are available, so buy a backpack purse that matches your needs.