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Backpack Purses

Whoever thought such a thing.  Cool looking purses, that can double as a backpack.

Backpack purses really caught on in the early 1990’s, but have slowed somewhat in their popularity as the fashion trend has matured.  They are still extremely handy for carrying a large quantity of items in a convenient, stylish purse. Many fashion designers carry a backpack purse in their line of accessories.

 Prada Backpack Purse

Prada has a model B6677 backpack purse that is manufactured from signature vela nylon and lined with Prada fabric and Prada-engraved silver hardware for a high fashion look.  Prada also offers other models in both larger and smaller sizes and equally as fashionable.

 New Age Traveler Backpack

Louis Vitton introduced several new backpack purses as part of the 2010 line. Many of them are in the signature canvas as well as, leather and even ostrich.  The New Age Traveler Backpack is a fashion statement that will set you back $54,000. Probably not an everyday, jam all your junk in it, accessory.Leather, canvas, multiple colors, very fashionable.


Watch out for knock-offs of authentic designer backpack purses.  Many websites advertise designer, fashion backpack purses, but in reality are selling cheaper, in quality and price, merchandise that won't hold up like the real thing.  Rule-of-thumb. If the price of the item doesn't equal the reputation of the designer, it's probably a fake.

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