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If you need a bag that will hold everything you want to carry and yet leave your hands free to do something else besides carry that bag, then a backpack handbag is the bag you are looking for. Backpack handbags are a combination of the two terms backpack and handbag.

They are like a backpack because most of them have two straps and will fit across the shoulders, like a backpack. But, unlike a backpack they are not big and bulky, like carrying a small filing cabinet on your back, but more like a stylish, fashionable handbag converted to fit on your back.

Well, that’s not completely accurate. They are bigger than your average purse and designed to fit comfortably on your back. Like a regular handbag, ladies backpack handbags are stylish and fit into many designers fashion lines. Outwardly very attractive and a good fit for most outings and some social events. You probably would select another purse for a special wedding, but they would fit in almost everywhere else.

One of the advantages of carrying a backpack handbag is the “handsfree” advantage they bring. With the backpack handbag securely held on your back, your hands can be free to hold a cup of coffee, or talk on your cellphone and still keep track of all of your things. Commuters find them to be quite a handy accessory as a backpack handbag allows them to carry more things each day. Most of these purses have inner pockets with zippers to keep things separated and in their own place.

Other pockets are distributed on the outside of the purse and some are closed with zippers and some are open for quick access to phones or mp3 players. The inside often is divided into two large compartments and a flap covers the top to keep things dry and safe.

Backpack handbags come in a variety of different materials and are very similar to a convertible backpack. Canvas, fabric, and even leather backpack handbags are available. Leather bags come in several colors and finishes and are probably some of the finer handbags made. Leather will last a long time and will look nice as well with minimal upkeep or maintenance. Using a leather conditioner will keep the purse soft and extend its life.

Canvas or fabric handbags are probably better suited for casual outings or for everyday use. They will usually be less expensive than a leather backpack handbag, but the different fabrics can have wild prints and vibrant colors and may appeal to the more free-spirited and fashion trendsetters among us.